COVID-19 and stock market chart

Market Contagions

It is the time of year when we are constantly reminded to beware of viruses.  This year we have the return of the flu plus COVID in many parts of the country.  But we shouldn’t forget about the contagion that knows no season, that of stock market contagions.

Forecasts, stock market movements and sensational headlines have the power, individually and collectively, to significantly influence our moods, perceptions, and ultimately our decisions.  They are alluring to the mind and can rile us up emotionally.  And this kind of information spreads rapidly and can affect every kind of investor.

Similar to viral contagions, the best antidote is to stay away – keep clear of the market contagions.  If we happen to get infected, the best medicine is to ensure our perceptions are correct and we are focused on investment truths.  This is where your financial advisor can be of immense help and value – ensuring that your thoughts and perceptions are in line with your financial goals and objectives.

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