John Hutchinson

Women investors are a major component of our practice.  I am drawn to working with women investors, mainly due in part from my upbringing with a single mom and two sisters.  My mom raised three kids with very little alimony from my dad, so I learned how to live on a strict budget from a social worker’s salary, employed by the American Cancer Society.  It was also a firsthand experience on what smoking can do to your body.  My mom was a tough, stubborn, fearless California University graduate that gave everything she had to raising her three kids.  She taught us to work hard and dream big, often saying: “You can be and do anything you want to be in life.”

As a child, you don’t understand sacrifice the way you do as an adult.  Her day-in-day-out grind while being on call for her patients in hospice care taught me how to save, find bargains, and invest for the long term.  This lifelong experience is why I love helping investors pursue their goals and overcome their spending fears.

Throughout my experiences, I have come to truly understand the fears women have of outliving their money and not having enough for their family.

My goal is to help women investors develop a budget and an asset allocation plan that fits their risk tolerance and time horizon, taking into account their family dynamics and values.

Mom taught me the importance of respect, kindness, and how to listen.  That’s why with us, female investors are truly listened to and appreciated.  We focus on goals and what's important to you.

Thanks for reading my story – and Go, Moms!

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.