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Inflation, War & Cash

Right now, investors are facing two main concerns:  Rising inflation and significant conflict in eastern Europe.  Whenever concerns about, the most natural reactions are for stock markets to go down and investors to worry or even panic.

That could lead to knee-jerk reactions of selling and going to all cash.  Such decision may provide emotional relief but may not be financially wise.  Whenever you go to cash, you leave the investment realm and become a speculator.  A plan no longer guides your decisions.  You must guess what to do next.

We may look forward to sales at our favorite stores, but seldom do we look forward to sales in the stock market.  The stock market has provided many sales in recent years.  Causes of past sales included inflation fears in 2018 and several global crises (2015, 2016, 2019).  We have been here before…many times.

While concerns abound, it is important to recognize that you are in charge of what you do next. Whatever you choose, please call me before taking any action.  That is what I am here for! 

Past performance does not guarantee future results and no one can predict the markets with any certainty.  Investing involves risk including the loss of principal.
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