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Women and Investing

“You can be and do anything you want in life.”

Investing for retirement can be a challenge for anyone, but women, in particular, face many unique challenges when it comes to building a proper nest egg.  As the financial industry continues to shift, studies have shown that women think differently about wealth than men.  Areas such as saving, budgeting, investing, retirement, and what they expect from a financial advisor are examples of this paradigm shift, especially as women’s economic influence continues to rise.

Disciplined Perspectives

Taking the emotion out of investment decisions

It’s important to have an experienced wealth management team on your side who understands the markets, can offer new issues for your portfolio, and delivers value across the board.  Let’s talk about how our services can help you pursue your wants, needs, and future desires.

Get Organized

It can be fun!

The process may not be the fun you’re used to, but it can help you have more fun in life for the long term.

John W. Hutchinson

John Hutchinson, CFP®, First Vice President/Investments

John Hutchinson, CFP

First Vice President/Investments

Gina Jameson, Client Service Associate

Gina Jameson

Client Service Associate

Lisa Hutchinson Client Service Associate

Lisa Hutchinson

Client Service Associate